You’re sales rep out in the field meeting clients and making sales calls. You’ve got a full day of scheduled meetings in your region and the inevitable happens; one of your sales meetings is canceled, moved, or is a no-show. You’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands in the middle of a busy day, so what can you do? Here are some tips to make this extra time productive:

1) Find Nearby Accounts and schedule another meeting in its place: Use CHECK-in to look up sales accounts that are near your current location (nearby accounts feature).Find-nearby-accounts

Click on the Nearby Accounts feature of CHECK-in app and it will show you a map with your current location and the location of all your accounts near you. If you then click on one of the blue push pins (accounts) it will tell you which account it is. From there you can follow the link to the account details in Salesforce so you can call the customer to see if they are available for a meeting. If not, just click on the next closest account and so on.

2) Prepare for your next meeting: Use this extra time to review notes for your next call. Use the Group Calendar feature in CHECK-in to see all the notes you and anyone else has taken on your next meeting.

3) Knock out some paperwork while you have the extra time. Sit down at a coffee shop and enter notes into the CHECK-in accounts of meetings you had earlier that day. Also, make sure to document the reason your meeting was moved or canceled. This information is a great way to start a follow up call.

In sales, time is your most precious commodity and if you manage it well you will generate more revenue for your company and more commissions for you. CHECK-in can help.