Pura Vida Tequila

The roots of Pura Vida dates back to 1923 and the family distillery continues to produce the world’s finest tequila made solely from estate-grown, 100% blue agave hand-harvested from the Vivanco agave fields in Mexico. The company distributes its products in the US via distributors and has a team of independent contractors to promote its products to bars, restaurants, liquor stores and other retailers. The contractors also host events to promote the company’s products.



The company wanted to grow its sales and expand into new geographies. The company needed better insight into the activities of its independent contractors, including the ability to verify and quantify customer site visits and capture information from customer visits, along with having all the information integrated with their platform.



Pura Vida contracted with a third party consultant to assist in the evaluation of the CHECK-in app and develop a site visit checklist for the sales contractors to complete with each visit. The check list along with the unique locating functions that CHECK-in provides was the exact solution the customer was looking for. After a free trial period with some extensive testing Pura Vida decided to deploy the solution to the field.


New Work Flow

The sales contractors now visit the various bars, restaurants, and retail stores and pull up the check list, complete the list, and simply click the check-in button, and all the data is sent back to Pura Vida’s platform including location validation for each visit. With some basic reports, Pura Vida can determine the number of visits and calculate the appropriate compensation for each sales contractor.

Pura Vida has also been able to use CHECK-in to easily obtain and verify account coordinates for the “where to buy” feature on their website. It’s a great way for our consumers to find where Pura Vida is currently in stock (according to last check-in and info from our contractors).