Outside sales communication- ChatterEffective and immediate communication in today’s information age is more critical than ever.  With mobile devices and messaging apps, you can stay in constant communication with nearly anyone. This can be especially important when working with an outside sales team based out of different territories.  Whether you’ve got a question that needs answering right away, or urgent information to relay to the rest of your team, Chatter (used with CHECK-in) makes outside sales communication easy.

You can easily find and chat with everyone on your team who is using Chatter or CHECK-in without having to use other tools. If you’re using CHECK-in to take notes during the meeting, you can quickly use the Chat feature to ask a question or pass along information without having to open up a new app.

How to Use CHECK-in’s Sales Chat Feature:

Using Chatter is fairly easy.  Click on the Chat window to expand it.  You can search through your list of contacts and see who is available at the moment.  A green dot means they are available, a yellow dot means they are away, and a grey dot means they are offline.  At the top of the screen, you can see how you appear to other people and can select one of the three options for yourself (available, away, or offline).

Before you start chatting in a meeting though, you will want to turn sounds off to keep disruptions at a minimum.  You can do this by selecting the Options menu (the little gear wheel icon at the top of the window).  If “Play Sounds” has a check mark next to it, simply click it to disable messenger sounds.

*Please note that Chatter is a feature of Salesforce1, and is integrated with CHECK-in, but is not exclusively a CHECK-in feature.