Outside Sales
Location Insights

  • Powerful outside sales app available globally
  • GPS technology integrated with Salesforce
  • Improves field sales rep productivity
  • Simple to use and reasonably priced
  • Delivers a whole new level of understanding of field sales team activities
  • No more monthly sales reports- sales activity is collected on the fly.

*CHECK-in includes Salesforce Lite and does not require other Salesforce subscription.

What Customers are Saying About CHECK-in App

“I had an opportunity to deep dive into this product for a client and walked away very impressed. All the core functionality you’d expect and more: “check In” from a mobile device, locate your users, find nearby accounts, ability to log a quick survey / work order while in the field. Admin friendly as well!”
Written by Salesforce MVP Shell Black
Outside Sales – Check-in App
5-star-review 5/5 Stars