Salesforce MVP Review

I had an opportunity to deep dive into this product for a client and walked away very impressed. All the core functionality you’d expect and more: “check In” from a mobile device, locate your users, find nearby accounts, ability to log a quick survey / work order while in the field. Admin friendly as well!

Shell Black, Salesforce MVP


GREAT PRODUCT with rich features!

I have really enjoyed the app. The features allow me to manage and develop my most expensive resource…my sales team! We had a rough start but the support team has been amazing and we are about to add another 25 licences!

Sean Reid- Outside Sales Manager


“Seamless Integration, Unparalleled Customer Service & Continued Support”

The benefits of GPS DB span far beyond the realm of monitoring our Sales Team in the field. Our team is able to evaluate their routes, pinpoint areas of need in their territories and re-route according to customer needs at a glance (thanks to GPS DB), all contributing to optimization of time and company resources.Customer support has been unparalleled from the start, truly like no other and GPS DB continues to seamlessly integrate with our Salesforce platform, update as needed, and all with minimal (or no) effort on our part… priceless, user-friendly, logical application, ideal for any sales team operating outside of an office.

Sara Abbas – International BA Program Director, Pura Vida Spirits Company


“Great Support”

The GPS Dashboard team was very helpful and was available right away. We jumped right on a web conference and were up and running within an hour. This is exactly what we have been looking for. It is extremely comprehensive while very user friendly.

Adam Ullrich – Outside Sales Manager, MusclePharm


“Great Product & Even Better Service”

We have only been using GPS DB for a short period of time but it has been able to simplify the sales process for our field reps and arm management with an additional level of data. Amin and his team have been very helpful in understanding our requirements and helping us use the product to best fulfill our needs. We are now able to condense all of our field