Advanced Sales AnalyticsYour outside sales team is probably one of your largest and most valuable investments. What things should you know about them? As a manager in the office, you can see and coach your inside sales team on a real time basis, but how can you better manage your sales reps in the field?  A lack of field information can lead to a loss of time, money, and efficiency.  As a sales manager, you need to understand crucial information about your outside sales reps’ activities in near real time as well. Here are three useful pieces of information to know about your outside sales reps:


It’s always important to know the relative size (number of accounts and prospects) in each territory.  This is important for a few different reasons.  First, you are going to measure performance against other comparable territories.  Knowing what accounts and prospects fall within each sales rep’s territory is important as new leads come in so you know how to direct them. In addition, knowing where your reps are when leads come in will let you more quickly and efficiently handle leads.  You will also want to know how well they are managing all their accounts so you can adjust territories accordingly.

Travel Efficiency

Many outside sales reps travel a great deal, but are they making the best use of their time?  Tracking travel efficiency is incredibly important to helping improve productivity. Are your reps making good use of time? Are they unnecessarily driving back and forth across their territory several times a day? With advanced location analytics, you’ll have the information to coach reps on more efficient travel routes and make the most of your company’s resources.


How long are your sales reps spending on sales calls? Good question. The key feature of CHECK-in lets you easily see how long your sales reps are spending on calls and with this information you can help determine best practices of top performers.  Then you can train the rest of your team to manage their call time more efficiently which will lead to more calls and increased productivity.


Those are the three big “T’s” you should know about your outside sales team.  And with CHECK-in you have the opportunity to improve each of them.