Sales App Usage in CarAre you looking for the next big tool to put in your sales arsenal? You can step up your sales team productivity and revenue by finding and implementing the perfect sales app for your business.  But how do you find that perfect tool?  We’re here to tell you why using the Salesforce AppExchange is a great choice, even if you don’t already use Salesforce.

The AppExchange is full of many highly-rated apps for inside sales teams, outside sales teams, big teams, and small teams alike. Its publications also serve as a great sales team resource, and if you aren’t a Salesforce customer already, some apps (like CHECK-in) actually come with a “entry level” edition of Salesforce.

The AppExchange brings together sales teams from many corners of the Earth (50% of our AppExchange leads are international), so the reviews and feedback you see come from sales teams all over the world.  This kind of network and community is the ideal environment for finding the perfect sales app that meets your specific needs.  As a result, the customers that have come to us from the AppExchange have been fantastic fits. In fact, the AppExchange recently reached 3 million installs, so you know you’ve got a huge community resource, and that it serves companies very well.  It turns out that 70% of Fortune 100 companies use AppExchange apps. So without a doubt, you’re in good company there and will be able to find your perfect app(s).

Tip: Follow the AppExchange on social media and email, and not only will you stay up to date on new and highly-rated sales apps, but you’ll be able to see industry and sales trends as well. You’ll find answers to questions like: What kinds of technology are people using to increase sales? How are teams using data to make better decisions? And so on.

In addition, if you aren’t a Salesforce user or haven’t even used a CRM before, you can still find and implement great sales apps through the Salesforce AppExchange.  How?  Some apps (including CHECK-in) come with a basic version of Salesforce (Salesforce Imbedded Edition) that allows you to use that particular app’s features along with some features of Salesforce. Not all Salesforce apps work this way, so be sure to check. Even if your next great app doesn’t come with Salesforce Imbedded Edition, implementing Salesforce alongside your star app will take you leaps and bounds from where you are now. CHECK-in has increased productivity by up to 40%, and has the biggest effect on those companies who were not previously using Salesforce or other CRM.

If you don’t have a solid process in place, this could be a good chance to change that.  Don’t let the lack of an existing process intimidate you. We’re just glad you’re deciding to take the next step towards implementing a system! In fact, one of our CHECK-in customers was not only new to CRM systems, but had been relying completely on voicemail communication between all their outside sales reps. Now they’re getting great and measurable sales results with one cohesive system. So even if you’re starting from square one, you can quickly get set up with a very advanced system that fits your needs!