Check-in Sales Rep Tracking ImprovementsThe summer has just gotten better with the release of Salesforce. The recently-added features to Salesforce1 in conjunction with CHECK-in enhance sales rep tracking, making CHECK-in an even better and easier tool for sales reps in the field. Let’s take a closer look at the new features.

For Setting Outside Sales Reps’ Appointments and Viewing Events

For any sales organization that set appointments (Events) in advance, these new features are a godsend. With the newest Salesforce release, the Salesforce1 mobile app adds Events to the main menu so there is no more hunting for events. Outside sales reps can now quickly access Events on their mobile devices by opening the Main Menu and selecting Events. From there, they will see a list of Events that are on their schedule which include the account, date, and start time of each scheduled event. When they arrive at the Event, they simply click the check in button and the check in time, date, and location are added to the event.

Report on Late Sales Rep Check Ins

The second new feature, particularly for sales managers, is the addition of the Event Start Time. When the appointment/event is pre scheduled, the start time of the event is entered. The new Late Check In formula compares the Event start time to the actual check in time, to see if the sales rep was on time for the event and if not, how many minutes they were late.
Now sales management has a tool to recognize and reward sales reps for meeting the starting time commitments of the appointment and the customer has a better call experience.