2015 Sales Performance & Sales QuotaFollowing the turn of the new year, it’s crucial to reflect on the trials, triumphs, and failures of the past in taking measures towards a more successful year for your company. Though the path ahead may not be as straightforward as you’d like, these suggestions will aid you and your team in maximizing your efforts, and meeting or exceeding your sales quota this year.

Closely examine your metrics

It’s an effort in vain to try improving what you haven’t measured, so before anything else, take a critical look at your current metrics and see if they provide the insight and coaching intelligence you need to better your team. Blemishes in your team’s strategy will become more obvious as the year goes on. Make improvements now to have your best year yet.

Automate as much of your sales process as possible

Save time and create efficiency. Modern technology offers a wide basket of options for streamlining and automating your processes. Besides saving you precious time, processes that can be automated are typically the tedious chores that you and your sales reps begrudgingly labor over. Automation will likely allow you to focus more of your time and attention on the aspects of your job that bring you the most revenue.

Know more about what your sales reps are doing during the day

Maximize performance by gathering more knowledge on your reps’ typical days, schedules, territories, and time. Take the time now to find out if your reps have the most efficient territories and are making good investments with their time.

Make smaller, shorter term goals that will lead up to meeting- or exceeding- your sales quota

Smaller goals are more likely to be achieved because they seem more attainable. Like the high school crush who you thought was way out of your league, your team might be intimidated and demotivated by a goal set too high. Take improvement one step at a time for the best results.

Go Darwinian (Survival of the Fittest)

Support, praise, and reward your top performers so that they are motivated to do even better, helping both you and your team prosper. Don’t waste valuable time, effort, and resources on poor performers who are dragging down your results and your company. Shedding dead weight will be appreciated by your stronger performers, serve your ultimate benefit, and be returned by the appreciation of your team.

Use PIPs sooner than later

If a salesperson is not meeting