Cutting–Edge Software to Manage Your Entire Fleet

Check-fleet with Geotab is focused on providing businesses with high-value fleet management data. Check-fleet is fleet management software that connects GPS data with SalesForce.  Check-fleet is available to Geotab customers under any feature package including Base, Pro, and ProPlus. With Geotab, you’ll see all of your vehicle and driver information in one place, so you can use make faster, better-informed decisions for your business.

Simplified Fleet Management

Check-fleet takes the complexity out of collecting data and transforms it into useful information, such as simplified fuel management, that your business can immediately act on.

Multilingual Functionality

Check-fleet is available in seven different languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish.

Reliable, Flexible Software

Check-fleet with Geotab offers vehicle tracking software that is configured and ready for use. Fleet managers can select or customize rules to measure five core areas: productivity, safety, fleet optimization, compliance, and expandability. Managers can choose notification options including email, pop-ups, in-vehicle coaching, and alerts.


Check-fleet with Geotab offers benchmarking fleet management reports can compare activity of one group to another, analyzing trends and other data. Benchmarking and trend lines can help your business visualize your performance in safety and productivity.