Outside Sales Rep Checklist Data Field TypesWhen you’re making a form, there are many different options for the type of data that will entered in by outside sales reps.  Different data types in your sales management app require specific set up instructions and follow certain rules.  To give you a better idea, we’ve listed examples of the most common data types you’ll use. This will come in handy when you are setting up your custom checklists.


Jotting down a quick note about the meeting, adding additional comments, or putting in specific instructions for a client are all ways you can use text fields.  When you’re making the text field for your form, you have to put in a character limit.  This includes spaces, punctuation, numbers, and letters.


When you need to add a number to your form, such as a monetary amount, the important thing you have to do is define the location of the decimal point. It will make the difference between $10.00 and $1000.

Single Pick List

A single pick list allows the user to pick one item out of a list of multiple items.  To add items to your single pick list, write them out in the field in the middle of the screen and give each item its own separate line.

Multi Select Pick List

If you want the user to pick multiple options, use the multi select pick list.  Simply list each item on separate rows as you would with a single pick list.