Let’s face it, paperwork is boring. However, it’s necessary to fill out a sales call report after a meeting or appointment. We hear from our customers that they get a lot of value from the customizable and automated sales call reports in CHECK-in, but the big question is: “Will my company’s custom call report actually work in CHECK-in?” Yes. If you can write it on paper, you can automate it in CHECK-in. Here’s how to create a custom sales report in CHECK-in:

As you can see, the focus is on quick and efficient call reporting, requiring only a quick check in when the sales rep has arrived at the appointment, and then just a few minutes at the time of check out in order to input meeting notes into your company’s custom report. Your notes will be available to you, other sales reps, and your manager instantly. CHECK-in provides a consistent checklist format for all users, allowing new meetings and appointments to be added without fuss. Leave any questions or comments below! Or, ask us privately here.