Many of our clients and prospects forget or don’t realize that there is a group calendar feature within which is further enhanced by our CHECK-in app. There are so many ways that a group calendar is helpful in optimizing your mobile sales team, and we would like to discuss how you can make use of this great feature.Calendar-Screen-shot

What is the group calendar?

Group Calendar Sales AppThe Group Calendar is a simple and effective way to plan and review appointments (events). The calendar keeps track of all appointments and meetings (both past and upcoming) and lets you view your entire team’s activity. Management can set appointments for reps and/or reps can set their own appointments. Each appointment on the calendar is represented by a small blue block, and when clicked will expand into a fully detailed account of the meeting. This includes what time your rep checked in and checked out along with their location as well as any notes on the meeting, who it was with, and any attached photos from that meeting. The calendar gives your team a lot of options to share data, and in general, just makes things so much easier and faster.

What can you do with the group calendar?

Here are some specific things you can do with the group calendar:

Automatically locate your reps at the time of appointments to help ensure on time arrival.
Dispatch hot leads or service calls by checking your reps’ current appointments and location.
Analyze productivity by reviewing detailed information on each appointment.
Find out at one glance if there are open times during the coming days or weeks that could be filled.
Evaluate whether or not more service reps need to be assigned to peak times.
Update yourself daily or weekly on your sales reps schedules and itineraries.

Being able to quickly and easily review your team’s schedule and location is so critical for staying connected and improving productivity. Whether you review the day or week ahead, or evaluate meetings afterwards, the group calendar feature can fill a unique role in your workforce management. If you are not using it now, try it out on a subset of your team to see how to improve your visibilty to the field.

If you are not currently a CHECK-in customer and would like to see exactly how this feature works, you can schedule an online demo.