The development of new technology has produced a lot of useful devices, and has especially sped up the evolution of the mobile phone. Modern mobile phones are more powerful than the computers that put the first man on the moon! However, not everyone has a smartphone, so we get a lot of questions about whether or not basic phones still work with CHECK-in. The answer is yes, they do!


While the CHECK-in app is best when used with a modern mobile device, the fundamental parts of the app can still be used on older model phones. Although some features such as access to the group calendar will be unusable, older phones can still be located by the CHECK-in app to monitor timely sales or service appointments. This allows the team manager to locate reps, no matter the phone they are using. Managers can still direct the closest rep to a sales call or service request.

How Does CHECK-in determine location, even on older phones?

CHECK-in uses the same location technology as E911 emergency services. This method takes about two minutes to use cell towers to find the location of the phone, and then provides the location on the map. On any phone, the user opts in via text message reply, agreeing to allow GPS Dashboard to use the rep’s location. After that, the phone is connected to the CHECK-in app and can be used with ease.

Can anyone use their phone with CHECK-in? Yes! Geolocation of sales or service reps works regardless of phone model. This means an office with multiple reps all with different types of phones out in the field can still use CHECK-in without worry.