Reduce costs, increase productivity, and monitor performance by connecting your real-time fleet tracking system with Salesforce Clouds. Business owners, managers, drivers, and customers benefit from the efficiency that vehicle tracking systems have to offer, especially if they are enhanced with GPS Dashboard connectivity.

Notice measurable cost savings and substantial improvements in customer service by implementing our intelligent Check-fleet system. Complete with comprehensive overviews of driver activity, we make it easy to achieve business goals and work towards a leaner budget.

The Best Fleet Tracking Systems Get More Done With GPS Dashboard

We combine vehicle tracking systems data with the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service Lightning to help uncover inefficiencies and hidden costs so you can accomplish more with fewer resources. For example, fuel expenses add up quickly with poor route compliance. However, Check-fleet’s visibility and comprehensive reporting can help reduce idle times, improve driver safety, and reduce overall costs.

Get a clearer understanding of how your business operates to better manage drivers, inventory, and customer relationships. GPS Dashboard offers Check-fleet to amplify vehicle tracking systems by integrating fleet tracking technology Salesforce.

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Better Security With A Fleet Tracking System

Know where your vehicles and inventory are at all times with the help of sophisticated telematics software and the power of Salesforce. By connecting your vehicle tracking system, you can remotely monitor your fleet within one convenient interface. Improve security and decrease the threat of theft by upgrading your fleet tracking system with the intelligent connectivity that GPS Dashboard offers.

Improve Driver Safety And Compliance

Stay compliant and minimize risks by using GPS Dashboard to integrate vehicle tracking systems with Salesforce Clouds, revealing unsafe driving behavior. Help your drivers improve driving habits to support a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective environment.

Streamline Workflows With Data Forecasting

Use data from vehicle tracking systems to better understand your employees, vehicles, and inventory from within the easy-to-use platform. Improve day-to-day operations with smarter fleet utilization which saves on long-term cost. Make your budget work for you by knowing how your vehicles are performing and better manage maintenance expenses with ease. We connect vehicle tracking systems with:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Vehicle tracking systems offer valuable insight into driver performance so you can create more efficient schedules, decrease overtime, and recognize your top-performing team members when you choose GPS Dashboard. Our software is designed with efficiency in mind so you can run a smoother operation with fewer headaches.

Enhance The Power Of Vehicle Tracking Systems With GPS Dashboard

Our smart and comprehensive Check-fleet program gives you the competitive advantage and greater visibility. Be notified immediately of dangerous driving behaviors and vehicle maintenance.

We offer reliable support and powerful reports that are customizable to your needs. We promote the development of your business and scale with you as you grow. Our dedication to connecting fleet tracking systems with Salesforce applications gives you more control and peace of mind in one single place. Improve asset security, encourage driver safety, and give your customers a better experience by implementing Check-fleet today.

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