Peace of Mind, Advanced Sales Analytics, and Team Efficiency.

Managing your outside sales team from a central office can be difficult.  Every day there are lots of moving parts that you need to keep track of, which is even more difficult if you can’t see where your people are.  There are certain moments when you need to know where your outside sales reps are so you can send them a hot lead, meeting change notice, or customer issue to resolve.

Geolocation through Salesforce is a great and simple way to find a team member as well as collect valuable sales analytics and insights all with the click of a button.  CHECK-in will pin point your reps’ location on a map within a couple minutes and you can determine the closest rep to handle whatever issue needs addressing.

Geolocation brings a wealth of information, peace of mind, and a level of control that sales managers at the office need to be more effective.  Plus, the advanced sales analytics and performance tools coupled with easy to interpret dashboards make the geolocation function of CHECK-in a must have to improve field sales productivity.