While CHECK-in works great on phones and tablets, you will need to do the initial download and installation on a desktop or laptop computer.

Step One: Do you have a Salesforce Account?

I don’t have a Salesforce account:
No worries! If you don’t have an account at Salesforce.com, you’ll need to set up a temporary trial account. Then you can proceed to step two.

Get a Free Salesforce Trial

I already have a Salesforce account:

Great, all you will need to do is log in to the AppExchange to download CHECK-in. You can now proceed to step two.

Step Two: Log in to the AppExchange and download CHECK-in

Visit the Salesforce AppExchange, click “Get it Now,” then log in to your Salesforce account. For further instruction on downloading and installing the app, watch our installation guide video below.

Salesforce App Exchange

Download & Installation Guide